Thursday, February 12, 2009

More pictures....Finally!

Finally got some more pictures to post for you. These are all pieces that my mom has received for various holiday gifts. I would consider these my best pieces from my high school years. Hope you enjoy! More to come soon as my studio is pretty much finished now. Just need to give it a quick cleanup and it is done. Time to start some new work!
Oh yeah, got some new glazes in the mail yesterday! Pictures of those coming soon too :) I need to make little clay tags for all my glazes. It helps when choosing colors for different pieces. I like to carve one side with the name and number of the glaze and if it is lead free and/or dinnerware safe and then paint some glaze on the other side (half textured, half smooth) and fire it, so I can have a visual of how the piece I am working on might look when fired with that glaze. It will be my first project in my kiln and won't be too overwhelming if it doesn't come out. Having a beautiful pot blow up on my first firing would be just a little discouraging, lol!

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Rita said...

They're all really pretty! I can hardly wait to see shots of the studio and your color tiles, etc. Nice! Won't be long and you'll be creating some new pieces!! :)