Friday, February 27, 2009

Gameroom/Office Done!

Ok, here are the after pictures. Can you believe it? It feels good to have it done. Yes, I was very very sore as I did this all in about 20 hours straight. Now all that awaits is the basement studio. The clay side is actually in pretty good shape but the other side is a mess. When I get going on that project I will be sure to keep you updated with pictures. I hope to be getting started on my ceramics at the same time.










I am getting there anyways! I hope you all like :)


Rita said...

Wow! That was a lot of work! Looks really nice--and organized--hehe! :):)

David said...

Wow, what a difference from the before pictures. Nice job! I took a look at your pottery and I really like it. Especially the one with the leaf patterns on it.

Sara said...

holy wow, girl! I like it!

James Parker said...

And soon, magnificent pieces of art will be springing forth, I'm sure. Welcome and thanks for boarding my blogwagon. Aside from trying to be interesting and informative, I try to be amusing, too. Sometimes I succeed. Thanks again. P.S. Saturday and Sunday's blogs will be a neat surprise.

Sara said...

Ok, I have no idea where to put this comment, but...

I was looking for widgets and found this lil bit of info:

It's about how to get your blog to show up in more search results by changing the setup from Blog Title/Post Title to Post Title/Blog Title... makes the blog more relevant to searches.

:) I did it, and nothing's screwy so far I don't think!

bubblemunch said...

I can't believe that you did it all in one go given the before and after pics!! Blimey, you work hard!

Looking forward to seeing your new pottery!

Alex said...

*Sees a Nintendo64, a fat PS2, something really old that looks like a Sega Genesis, and a fat Nintendo DS*
Hahahahaha... I have a fat PS2 and a fat DS too!
:) You have a very very VERY nice looking game room. Imma copy it someday when I get my own place ;)