Monday, February 23, 2009

What I have been up to this week!

I haven't posted in awhile. This is what I have been working on. A makeover and complete reorganization of my gameroom/office. It had to be done first because I could not actually get any ebay done with the space so cluttered. Therefore no artwork time either :( I bought some smaller pieces of furniture that will fit better in the small room. My dad helped me get the huge corner desk and sleeper sofa out! (They were soooo heavy) Thanks Dad! Joe (the boyfriend) spent Valentine's day helping me put together the new shelves and moving things around, Thanks Joe! I pretty much got the whole thing done in 1 day (20 hours of almost nonstop working for me) with the help. Not bad for a weekend, eh? So, here are the before pictures of this crazy mess. Yeah, I know, you would think I just moved in but we have lived here for 4 years! This is mostly a result of too big furniture and too much ebay to sell in one small space. There really isn't any room to even walk around. I mean I almost died getting these pictures for you! So, please enjoy! The after pictures are coming soon! Then, hopefully back to some art related posts and pictures! :)


Rita said...

Wow! You cleaned all of this in one 20 hour period!? You must be exhausted!! I can hardly wait to see the after pictures!!! :)

anepanalipti said...

Busy busy!!!!! Some calories burned there, huh? :-)

James Parker said...

Mess? Nah...MY studio is a mess. Anxious to see your artwork. Drop by and visit and check out my beetles...a few of them could help ya out.