Sunday, April 5, 2009

Next Project...Art Studio

A quick post for today with pictures of the next organizing project. The Art Studio. I feel so frustrated that I can't find any of my supplies and don't even know what I have anymore.

So, to remind you of what it looks like now...

And it gets worse...

And worse...

And worse...

And worse...

And to end on a better note... these are the beautiful watercolor prints sent by my friend Rita from up in Fargo, North Dakota. They are framed and ready to be hung up after a fresh coat of paint goes on the walls. Aren't they great!




Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Clay Studio is cleaned and organized!

Yes! It is really done. I worked on it over the weekend. Here are the pictures.
First I would like to remind you what it looked like before...
This is the ware/storage shelf I built. As you can see it is full. There is no room for any "wares" to dry.
Next we have the wedge table and glaze shelf. The two boxes on the right of the table are full of the glazes I got recently. I have no more room on the glaze shelf for them. Also, you can see that the wedge table now has the canvas on it but it is so covered with glaze to be put away that it can not be used.
Last picture shows the potterey wheel that was uncovered since the last photo taken of it and then covered again with something else. It is really under there somewhere, I think.
Next, the new pictures. Wow, I can not believe how much better I feel that this side is done. I still have lots to do on the Art Studio side of the basement but 2 out of 3 spaces completely transformed isn't it?
Okay drum roll please............... The ware/supply shelf now has the top two shelves cleaned off and ready to be used for drying projects.
The wedge table has been cleared of all the extra glaze and is ready to be worked on and the bottom has been arranged somewhat. Doesn't it look so inviting?
The glaze shelf is full and will get organized further when I do the little "ID" tags. The extra glaze was moved to the supply shelf. And last the kiln has been hooked up to the vent and with some further reading on how to use the kiln sitter I will be ready to fire! There you go. Next up...hmmm....hopefully some work in the pottery studio. Need to get working on the "ID" tags for the glaze and have a special secret project idea for my friend Rita up in Fargo who sent me some wonderful prints of her watercolor painting which are framed and ready to be displayed in the house. And so many other project ideas I want to try. If you ever see something you like, let me know and I can make something for you. I hope to be selling some of my work in my etsy store soon. Until next time.