Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One picture... More to come!

I wanted to try out the new blog post builder/creator thing and see if it helped my spacing/pictures not getting bigger when you click on them problem that I have had with blogger since I started working on blogger, so I looked around and found one of the pictures I was going to post. (The others are on my laptop at home)

Ok so here goes nothing (crossing fingers)

Here is Joe and I at the Halloween party as She Ra and Skeletor.

Hmm??? It worked but I am not sure why? I guess to enlarge the picture you need it to have a link and some of my pictures don't have links even though they were downloaded the same way from the same camera and even some of them taken at the same time?????? Uhhh I am so confused!!! If anyone knows the problem...Please Help! lol!

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James Parker said...

Aha, Kaine, it works! Wanted to stop and wish you a joyous Chistmas...drop by my place for some holiday cheer.